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Dr. Bruce Leckart & Associates

Are On A Crusade To Show Attorneys How To Cross-Examine Psychiatrists, Psychologists And Neuropsychologists With Apricots™

What is An Apricot?

An Apricot™ is a clearly written report that describes all of the substantial flaws in a psych report using non-technical language and discusses specific techniques and strategy for cross-examining the doctor. An Apricot™ also provides a script of simple questions to ask the doctor that will reveal the flaws in their report. In situations when cross-examination will not take place, an Apricot™ contains all the psychological information needed to prepare a brief for the court if the attorney decides that they wish to petition to have the doctor’s report dismissed.

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Who does an Apricot™ help?

  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Claims Examiners
  • Claims Supervisors/Managers
  • Risk Managers