Sample Apricots™

An Apricot™ is a work-product privileged report used to assist an attorney in taking a psych doctor’s testimony. An Apricot™ describes all of the substantial flaws in a psych report in jargon-free, non-technical language. An Apricot™ also provides a list of questions and techniques that get those flaws on the record despite what might be the doctor’s evasive or non-co-operative behavior. An Apricot™ contains all the psychological information an attorney needs to file a brief with the court to get a defective psych report thrown out.

PI Apricot™ WC Apricot™


Free Book

Psychological Evaluations in Litigation: A Practical Guide for Attorneys and Insurance Adjusters. A book to help you understand the weaknesses in psych reports and prepare for psych depositions and trial briefs.


Psych Glossary

A crib sheet of psychological terms and concepts to use when cross examining a psych doctor.


Psych Newsletters

Check out our monthly newsletter that contains information about a wide variety of topics relevant to medical-legal reports and psychological evaluations that are designed to provide helpful, practical information to attorneys and associated professionals for use in cross-examining psych doctors and preparing trial briefs.



Tips and discussion for successful outcomes from cross examining psych doctors and preparing briefs for the court.