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Is This You?

You are an attorney or insurance adjuster who received a psych report in which a psych doctor diagnosed a disorder and concluded that the applicant/plaintiff has had a mental injury and is mentally disabled. Do you want to find the substantial flaws in the doctor’s report and conclusions?

The major problem with all psychological and psychiatric reports is misdiagnosis. Once an attorney can get deposition or trial testimony from the doctor conclusively demonstrating that there is no support for the doctor’s diagnosis all of the conclusions about a compensable mental injury get thrown out the proverbial window. 

So now the question is how do you cross-examine the psych doctor?

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Dr. Bruce Leckart

Dr. Bruce Leckart is a widely-published researcher, author and university professor who has been reviewing medical-legal psych reports for over 30 years. He is firmly dedicated to eradicating poorly-written psych reports and helping attorneys win their psych cases by writing Apricots™.  For the last thirty plus years, Dr. Leckart has read and critiqued about 50,000 psych reports.

Dr. Leckart contributed the content for the best selling book called When I Say No, I Feel Guilty and subsequently authored the popular psych book, Up from Boredom, Down from Fear.  Dr. Leckart’s most recent book, Psychological Evaluations in Litigation:  A Practical Guide for Attorneys and Insurance Adjusters, the most recent edition of which was published in 2011, is available for free download here. Dr. Leckart is currently a consultant and an expert witness.

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Dr. Leckart has been performing psychological evaluations for the Workers' Compensation system for decades. He is detail oriented and cares about performing a fair evaluation and issuing a detailed report. Dr. Leckart is one of the best in WC. 

Terry Smith

Skeren & Kelly, LLP

Dr. Leckart's reputation in the work comp community as an insightful, honest and fair evaluator is well deserved. Moreover, his dedication to improving our industry is demonstrated by his wonderful newsletter... a document that always provides new and interesting perspectives. 

Donald Barthel

Bradford & Barthel

Dr. Leckart's provided invaluable insight and recommendation in preparing for an effective cross-examination. I was extremely impressed and grateful for his professionalism and generosity. 

Laila Havre Jacobsma

Jacobsma & Brau

During The Phone Consultation With Dr. Leckart


Dr. Leckart will identify all the major flaws in the opposing doctor's psych report covering the Mental Status Examination, the Psych Testing and the opposing doctor's history.


Dr. Leckart will discuss the doctor's conclusions about the patient's credibility, the results of psychological testing, as well as any claimed disability and the need for treatment.


Dr. Leckart will provide recommendations for cost-saving strategies.

Mental Status Examination

Dr. Leckart will discuss the background information about the nature of a Mental Status Examination and the data that should be present in a MSE report. Dr. Leckart will also shed light on the major problems found in the MSE of the doctor's report.

Psych Testing

Dr. Leckart will point out the major problems in the doctor's report with regard to the specific tests that were administered and the conclusions arrived at by the opposing doctor.

Strategies & Questions To Ask The Doctor

Dr. Leckart will recommend simple questions to use when cross-examining the psych doctor in order to expose multiple flaws in their report. The questions and strategy recommendations will be designed to discredit the doctor's report, get the doctor to change their opinions, get the report dismissed and/or leverage the testimony to negotiate a favorable settlement.