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The cost of an Apricot™ is determined by the flawed psych report(s) being reviewed and analyzed. Specifically, the number of diagnoses in the report(s) and the quantity and nature of the psychological tests discussed in the report(s) will largely determine the cost of an Apricot™. A cost estimate can be provided.

Expert witness testimony can be arranged. Contact us for a fee schedule and further details.

The number of major flaws varies from one report to the next. Unfortunately, our office
has never encountered a psych report that is not substantially flawed. Most major flaws
are found in the areas of the doctor’s history of the patient’s symptoms or complaints, the doctor’s Mental Status Examination, the psychological testing, the doctor’s review of the patient’s medical records and the doctor’s evaluation methodology.

Email the flawed report(s) with a brief cover letter to
Call (310) 444-3154
Snail mail the flawed report(s) with a brief cover letter to 11301 West Olympic Boulevard,
Suite 538, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Yes. If for some reason we are unable to review and analyze a report, we will inform you with no fee attached.

  1. To understand the major flaws in a psych report
  2. To Cross-Examine a psych doctor at deposition and/or trial
  3. To draft a trial brief and/or a petition to the court
  4. To negotiate a more favorable settlement with the opposing counsel