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Sample Apricots™

An Apricot™ is a work-product privileged report used to assist an attorney in taking a psych doctor’s testimony. An Apricot™ describes all of the substantial flaws in a psych report in jargon-free, non-technical language. An Apricot™ also provides a list of questions and techniques that get those flaws on the record despite what might be the doctor’s evasive or non-co-operative behavior. An Apricot™ contains all the psychological information an attorney needs to file a brief with the court to get a defective psych report thrown out.

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Free Book

Psychological Evaluations in Litigation: A Practical Guide for Attorneys and Insurance Adjusters. A book to help you understand the weaknesses in psych reports and prepare for psych depositions and trial briefs.


Psych Glossary

A crib sheet of psychological terms and concepts to use when cross examining a psych doctor.


Psych Newsletters

Check out our monthly newsletter that contains information about a wide variety of topics relevant to medical-legal reports and psychological evaluations that are designed to provide helpful, practical information to attorneys and associated professionals for use in cross-examining psych doctors and preparing trial briefs.



Tips and discussion for successful outcomes from cross examining psych doctors and preparing briefs for the court.


Prepare Your Own Apricot™

We recognize that some attorneys have cases where an ApricotTM is not needed or, perhaps not authorized by the carrier. It might be handy for an attorney to have an outline of things to do when planning to take a psych doctor’s deposition testimony without professional help. Here is a list of 10 things to do when preparing to take a psych doctor's deposition without professional help.