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Apricot™ Reports

What is An Apricot™?

When an attorney or an insurance adjuster has a problematic psych report, Dr. Leckart and his associates can help by reviewing the problematic report and finding every major flaw, writing up a description of those flaws in an Apricot™. An Apricot™ describes the psych report’s flaws in jargon-free language; discusses specific techniques to Cx the doctor; and provides multiple simple questions that get those flaws on the record despite the doctor’s resistant behavior. An Apricot™ is also a work product privileged report that is useful in any jurisdiction.

An Apricot™ Includes

  • A script of simple questions to ask the doctor during deposition or trial-testimony, the answers to which will force the doctor to reveal their conclusions are not supported.
  • A description of the general approach to the problem and a suggested strategy to use in cross examination.
  • A complete discussion of the problems found in the psych doctor’s methodology including background information about methodological errors present in the doctor’s report.
  • Background information on all tests discussed in the psych report including information about their ability to detect the patient’s credibility and psychopathology.
  • Citations to references from the psychological literature.
  • Appendices that will be useful in understanding the report’s flaws.
  • Background information about the nature of a Mental Status Examination and the type of data that should be present in a Mental Status Examination report.
  • A discussion of the specific information that the doctor left out of their report in discussing the patient’s history and presenting symptoms or complaints.
  • A numbered list of a summary of the major flaws in the doctor’s psych report
  • Background information about the criteria for the doctor’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) diagnosis.
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An Apricot™ Is Helpful To:

  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Claims Examiners
  • Claims Supervisors/Managers
  • Risk Managers

Reasons To Get An Apricot™:

  • An overwhelming majority of psychological and psychiatric reports are flawed and do not constitute medical evidence
  • Established expertise in forensic psychology for over 35 years
  • Apricots™ help negotiate more favorable settlements
  • Apricots™ empower attorneys to take competent testimony from psych doctors
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Request an Apricot™

Level The Playing Field By Getting A Psych Report Reviewed And Critiqued.

“Dr. Leckart’s expertise and assistance are always invaluable and are particularly instrumental in preparing to depose AME’s and PQME’s. With his guidance, I’ve been able to discredit medical opinions that have saved my clients thousands of dollars in indemnity, evaluation and treatment liens and future medical care. I will continue to recommend Dr. Leckart’s service to my colleagues as I know he will be able to help them as he has helped me. Dr. Leckart is my secret weapon for achieving justice for my clients! Thank you!”
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