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Apricot™ Reports

What is An Apricot™?

When an attorney or an insurance adjuster has a problematic psych report, Dr. Leckart and his associates can help by reviewing the problematic report and finding every major flaw and writing up a description of those flaws in an Apricot™. An Apricot™ describes the psych report’s flaws in jargon-free language; discusses specific techniques to Cx the doctor; and provides multiple simple questions that get those flaws on the record despite the doctor’s resistant behavior. An Apricot™ is also a work product privileged report that is useful in any jurisdiction.

An Apricot™ Includes

  • A script of simple questions to ask the doctor during deposition or trial-testimony, the answers to which will force the doctor to reveal their conclusions are not supported.
  • A description of the general approach to the problem and a suggested strategy to use in cross-examination.
  • A complete discussion of the problems found in the psych doctor’s methodology including background information about methodological errors present in the doctor’s report.
  • Background information on all tests discussed in the psych report including information about their ability to detect the patient’s credibility and psychopathology.
  • Citations to references from the psychological literature.
  • Appendices that will be useful in understanding the report’s flaws.
  • Background information about the nature of a Mental Status Examination and the type of data that should be present in a Mental Status Examination report.
  • A discussion of the specific information that the doctor left out of their report in discussing the patient’s history and presenting symptoms or complaints.
  • A numbered list of a summary of the major flaws in the doctor’s psych report
  • Background information about the criteria for the doctor’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) diagnosis.
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An Apricot™ Is Helpful To:

  • Attorneys
  • Insurance Carriers
  • Claims Examiners
  • Claims Supervisors/Managers
  • Risk Managers

Reasons To Get An Apricot™:

  • An overwhelming majority of psychological and psychiatric reports are flawed and do not constitute medical evidence
  • Established expertise in forensic psychology for over 35 years
  • Apricots™ help negotiate more favorable settlements
  • Apricots™ empower attorneys to take competent testimony from psych doctors
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Request an Apricot™

Level The Playing Field By Getting A Psych Report Reviewed and Critiqued.

Watch This Short Video To Learn How Apricot™ Reports Work:

  • Describes the major flaws found in Psych reports using easy to understand terminology that provides information at an attorney needs to successfully cross-examine a psychiatrist and a psychologist or a neuropsychologist and/or draft a brief for the court.

  • Provides a list of simple questions an Apricot will expose the flaws in a psych doctor's report during cross-examination.

  • Is provided on an expert witness basis where the written report is not admissible protected by the work product Doctrine and completely confidential