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In addition to providing attorney-client privileged consultation in the form of Apricots™, Dr. Leckart provides expert witness testimony. 

Dr. Bruce Leckart is a widely-published researcher, author, and university professor who has been reviewing medical-legal psych reports and conducting psychological evaluations for over 30 years. Dr. Leckart’s most recent book, Psychological Evaluations in Litigation: A Practical Guide for Attorneys and Insurance Adjusters, was first published in 2008. Dr. Leckart’s history as an established academician strengthens his expert testimony.

Expert Witness

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Need an Expert Opinion?

Get experienced forensic psychologist expert testimony for your case. When you are in need of expert witness services from a medical expert, this can be a critical point, as many states require experts to spend a certain percentage of their time actively practicing in their field of expertise. 

Why Choose Us?

Whether you need an expert witness who can speak to psych reports in the areas of personal injury, employment and labor, product liability, workers’ compensation or more, count on us to meet that need. Contact us for information about expert retention for medical record reviews, deposition testimony, trial testimony, telephone/video consultations and more. 

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